Four conical (cone) fish screens have been installed by the North Central Catchment Management Authority on Goulburn-Murray Water’s Number 3 Offtake in Gunbower Creek at Cohuna.

The screens meet both environmental and irrigator needs, passing 600 ML/Day whilst still meeting fish protection guidelines and creating a head loss of less than 20mm.

The cones, used extensively in the USA, were chosen due to their suitability in shallow water. A large surface area of 3mm stainless steel wedgewire ensures low velocities at the screen face, protecting fish and minimising the amount of floating macrophytes and other debris getting stuck on the screen. Debris build-up, sedimentation and biofouling is further reduced using automated brushes. A marine-duty hydraulic drive motor rotates the brushes with a control panel allowing user defined cleaning cycles (typically only requiring a few minutes of cleaning per day). The cone shaped design is very strong and hydraulically efficient 

The screens are an important part of the North Central Catchment Management Authorities Native Fish Recovery Plan for the Gunbower and Lower Loddon. See below for a link to the plan. 





Screen Manufacturer:

AWMA Water Control Solutions

Project Partners:

North Central Catchment Management Authority, Victorian Environmental Water Holder (VEWH) and AWMA Water Control Solutions. 

Project Funding:



AWMA have partnered with the North Central Catchment Management Authority (NCCMA) to design, construct and install Australia’s first conical Fish Exclusion Screen through the Cohuna Irrigation Diversion Screen Project. Funding for the project has been provided by the Victorian Environmental Water Holder (VEWH).

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Four conical fish screens, weighing a total of 28 tonnes, have been installed in the Cohuna Weir pool, Gunbower Creek. Conical fish screens were used because they work well in shallow water and have been proven to protect fish from entrainment and impingement in diversion pools, rivers and channels. The screens will be submerged below the water level to ensure the area remains aesthetically pleasing. The screens have minimal impact on water intake and are self-cleaning to prevent debris build-up.

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North Central CMA

North Central Catchment Management Authorities Native Fish Recovery Plan for the Gunbower and Lower Loddon

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